My name is Rossitza Kotzeva, and I was born in 1976 in the beautiful mountain town of Bansko.

Between the ages of 23 and 33, I lived in New York and learned a lot about making my dreams come true. I was very sick as a child, in the age of heavy antibiotics and Chernobyl. During my pregnancy, I got Hashimoto and fell into a severe depression, which lasted years. I was trying for the past 25 years to find a way to stay slim and live healthily.

I was able to use the KETO diet to lose weight and to get my Hashimoto under control.

Food Affects our Health

Seeing how KETO improved my health inspired me to launch a KETO menu in my restaurant in Sofia. Some clients asked me to cook for children with epilepsy and autism, and the results were more than inspiring! Then I went and studied to be a nutritionist to expand my knowledge, and I started creating plans to help people lose weight and heal different problems.
I prepare both the food and the plans for my clients.

I started working with chocolate because I could not find such a product on the market. No chocolate was lecithin and milk free. Most products you would find are KETO compliant, but not KETO for epilepsy and autism compliance. In addition to this, there were mostly cacao spreads, which makes measuring quite tricky.

Almost all kids with such problems have a very low tolerance for carbs, and also, they have high intolerance towards milk products. Refined sugar helps chocolate crystalize, and milk gives a smooth taste, the lecithin emulsifies and keeps it hard for a long time. I had to work without these.

It took me a year of trial and error to formulate a chocolate that has almost no carbs, no sugar and no milk.
It contains no hardeners and yet tastes mouthwatering, plus receives a balanced, smooth taste of Erythritol and monk fruit, and does not melt at room temperature.

Hence, Rossi’s Pure was born!

After experiencing the benefits of the Keto diet and expanding my knowledge as a nutritionist, I started to create food plans for people, which wanted to lose weight or needed help with different health problems.

There are other exciting products that I am working on at the moment, but I started with chocolate because I could not find such a product. I copied in a keto version many of the foods that the children needed from bread to cheese pies and sweets. One child loved only meatballs and veggie balls, and I was making every food in the form of a ball. Chocolate, however, turned out to be the hardest to find. Most products you would find are suitable for keto diet, but not compliant for epilepsy and autism for example.

Almost all kids with such problems have a very low tolerance for carbs, and also, they have high intolerance towards milk products. Refined sugar helps chocolate crystalize, and milk smooths the taste, the lecithin emulsifies it, hardening the chocolate for a long time. I had to work without these products. I experimented a year until I got the chocolate with almost no carbs, no sugar, no milk, and no hardeners, but which tastes mouthwatering, and has a balanced, smooth taste of erythritol and monk fruit, and does not melt at room temperature. My son spit out at least 50 samples until one day, he said that I have finally made real chocolate! That day I learned how to temper the chocolate without anything else but heat, my hand, and thermometer.

Chocolate for Everyone

It is essential to have the sweets easy to take out and count because for epilepsy, keto people sometimes have to stay below 7-8 grams of carbs per day, and we are not even talking net carbs. I also wanted all children to have access to chocolate sweets that do not make them sick and do not make them addicted. I wanted children with health problems of that sort to feel the same as all other children. My heart broke when one of my little clients got his epilepsy medication increased after a seizure caused by eating regular chocolate in an amount that would usually be normal for healthy children.

Glucose from sugar clogs the membrane of the cells, and they can’t communicate properly, and neurotransmitters can’t flow through normally and the body strains, and for some time it just gets tired and damaged. The good news is that a glucose-free diet may sometimes reverse these damages completely. Sometimes it only improves the situation, but it is still worth the try. The keto, or any low carb diet, or any diet at all, has to be done with extreme caution. That does not make it difficult; it makes it conscious.

The Keto Chocolate Story

But back to the chocolate story… Cacao is famous for its health benefits, and so is cacao butter. I started experimenting with many brands and sorts, and I realized that the ingredients affect the smoothness of the chocolates hugely. I was happy to find an importer who had good stuff!

Then one day, my hairdresser, my biggest keto model, and fan who lost 12 kg for five months, had a bad period day, and I gave her a sample batch I had just prepared. She had to eat a few, and I was worried that she might get out of ketosis. She did not. I changed the recipe, and this time I added vitamin C to help the absorption of the iron in the cacao and lowered the amount of coconut milk. The chocolate improved the blood flow this way, and for a few minutes the next time, she was feeling back to normal and kept making people pretty. I had gotten to an almost no carb chocolate treat.

Then I tested it on two new clients, gave them for two days just chocolate to see if they can enter a state of ketosis with that method, which is much more pleasant than drinking MCT oil and ghee butter. The test was positive; both clients entered ketosis in two days. My son’s friends also tried the chocs and did not notice the lack of taste of regular chocolate. I was thrilled!

A True Love Story

My boyfriend, who inspired me all through the way, came up with the idea of Rossi’s Pure because he said I have a pure heart. He suffered quite a few bad samples himself while we were still in the friendzone. I had to improve the taste if I wanted to keep him! So the birth of Rossi’s Pure is a true love story between a person who just wanted to help a child and one that was looking for inspiration. And this is how Rossi’s Pure was born.

Hand-made with Love

Every batch is made by hand in a clean, safe environment and under the sound of healing Tibetan music. It is packaged and sealed by hand, as well. Tibetan mantras are a powerful tool for healing, and every chocolate is charged with it!

In addition to this the monk fruit has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used in Chinese medicine for many years. It is derived naturally and mildly from local fruit. The erythritol is always from the certified non-GMO origin. Mostly derived from corn, erythritol is a sugar alcohol.