NEW!: Hazelnut Chocolate Cream

NEW!: Hazelnut Chocolate Cream

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The tastiest chocolate cream you will ever find! The olive oil Omega 3 balances out the Omega 6 from the other fats making it a perfect health option, not just chocolate spread!

Allergy Alert: This food contains nuts!

Ingredients: cocoa, coconut milk, coconut butter, sweeteners: non-GMO erythritol, with cold-pressed high-grade olive oil, hazelnuts. Processed with temperature up to 42 degrees Celcius. 

Energy value per 100g: 564 kcal

Fat: 55g

Carbohydrates 9g

Fiber 3g

Protein 5g

Net Carbs: 6g/100g; Recommended dose 25g: 1.5g net carbs with 141 kcals

Recommended dose: 1 tablespoon approx. 25g (enough for spreading on two slices of our keto bread!)

#keto #diabetes #Hashimoto protocol  #vegan #energy booster #gluten-free

#dairy-free #sugar-free #low-fat and low-carb diets #100% Healthy and Natural

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