Plan "Beginner"


So here you are, wanting to start on the road to health recovery...Nice! Finally some sense has come to your brain! But seriously, you have to start from somewhere, so great job and Welcome! And, no, no subscription is necessary, no monthly fees, nothing but wanting to make the change and taking the steps one after another without skipping:)

1. Write down in a journal why you want to get healthy. 

Example: 'I don't want to spend money on pills for the rest of my life and worry about the side effects every day." Or "I want to lose weight because I am on the border of being a diabetic!". Or" I just want to make people jealous of my beauty! ?but they won't be jealous if I am sick, so I have to get healthy as well./

Got it? If you don't want to write in a journal, just say it so you can hear yourself saying it. If you think this is funny, don't, it works! I have trained people towards improvement and I have trained sales people, and I have real proof that this works. Verbalizing your goals makes you accountable to them, makes you come to a realization that you are at the point where this is now possible because you have given a chance to yourself to be happy! And Happiness does not come without health!

2. Go get a full blood and urine test! In Bulgaria without insurance it costs less than $50 when you add Magnesium, Vit. D and Insulin resistance if you are very overweight as well. If you have thyroid issues or other known issues you must be consulted by a specialist, you may need additional tests. After you get your test results look for something that is out of the ordinary and go ask your doctor. If you are in one range at the upper border but on another line at the bottom, there is no balance and it signals for a problem. Our body consists of organs that are connected to each other. If one does not work the way it supposed to be, it will prevent the rest from working normally over time. Don't get fixated on this idea though, our bodies are different. But have a common sense of mind and have the courage to approach your doctor. If your doctor is one of those that doesn't like to explain, then change him/her! It does not mean be a hypochondriac, it means have common sense and notice how you feel. 

3. So you have your blood and urine and there may or may not be a problem. If there is no problem, great! You feel like you have to live healthier , great! This is the best medical insurance you have! Changing when it's way to late might be beneficial but certainly would not be easy. You cut out refined sugar and refined bread and sweets and you are now better. It does not mean avoid them completely, it means substitute them:

-sugar is best substituted with erythritol /mind the origin/;

- bread is best substituted with keto bread, may be a personal opinion, but I do have a problem with gluten even in healthy people because over time it does create problem. If you do a hard physical work every day or do sports more than 2hrs a day, ok eat a real-grain bread, but not one with yeast and certainly not one that's refined like the ones that stay on the store shelves for months.

- sweets these days can be replaced so easily like keto biscuits, keto crackers, keto chocolate, keto jam etc.

4. Add green salad double the size of your meat every lunch or dinner. Add one spoon of good oil :avocado oil, flax seed oil, olive oil, hemp oil, etc.

5. Drink alcohol 30 min prior to eating or 2 hrs after finishing your last meal. This gives the liver time to process alcohol and not "forget" about the food.

6. Don't buy and use condiments from the store, they are full with not only sugar, but bad binding elements, very bad news for your body!

7. Eat at least half a lemon or lime a day, may be in your salads, and no, not in your Cosmopolitan drink!

8. Try to enjoy a hobby or play with your kids, or read a book in the evening if you are a late eater. If you can't help it and you must eat late, eat a salad, may be a little meat, no fats, no carbs.

9. Start having breakfast! The most important meal of the day! I know what fasting people will say! Hold on! Fasting is fine but in the evening! The Chinese proverb says " Eat the breakfast by yourself; share the lunch with your friend; give the dinner to your enemy!" So true! I know it's not very possible to do it, cause we all have families and this is the one meal that we get together to without rushing. But we can control what we put on our plates. If you cook meat and potatoes, that's fine, but put on the plate some broccoli and carrots for color and health. Your body will thank you! 

10. Try to eat without mixing carbs and fats in one meal. In other words, fried chicken fingers are not OK with coating in flour, but if you coat them in eggs and almond flour they become a different game!

If you don't feel well and your medical tests turn out not so much in range, call a doctor and hopefully it would be one that can see the whole picture, and not just his area of specialty. 

So, with the above you can lead a normal healthy life most of the time. This does not mean that you may not get sick tomorrow with some strange disease but your gambling odds will be in your favor. True that sometimes we loose the battle and we die, but it is a lot less likely to die from an illness when you are healthy, than if you are not! Probably 100% more probable! 

Here is my KETO plan for Beginners if you are mostly interested in fast weight loss. Just one favor please, be sensible! Take into consideration everything I have written here please and always be monitored by a doctor. People with diabetes and high glucose should be extremely careful, the plan can help you if you do it carefully, don't go more than 4 hours without food and have breakfast please! Read more on this topic in my blog as well!



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