During the years of practicing food healing, I confirmed a few things that are well known but rarely understood by people who don't deal with this daily. So I would like to summarize a few things for you to explain simply, hopefully. 

So here we go...

1. We all need proteins, carbs, and fat. But we need them in different amounts. Most people can live well with the bare minimum of carbohydrates due to their lack of movement. And yet these people do just the opposite. If you  are not a professional athlete, you barely need carbs at all.

2. The proverb says "One Apple a day, keeps the doctor away!". It does not say two pounds /a kilogram/   of apples. We eat way too much! We do that because most of our food is carbohydrates and they keep our hunger high at all times because they spike insulin who is mainly responsible for appetite and the inability to lose weight /very broadly said/. 

We need, indeed, very little from the minerals and vitamins to be in good health, all other things being equal. One apple a day, one lemon, a handful of blueberries, all give us pretty much everything we need. Add to that some salad and meat, eggs and may be bread from real grains, and you may be on the right track. You don't believe this, I know, because you have been brainwashed to buy and eat as much as possible! The industries through a ton of money for you to think this way! Just count one day the number of commercials that are around you. We are in the "money matrix', we are not in the health matrix! The number of impressions both visual and audible are probably billions through your entire life. So yes, I understand that you have a hard time believing this but you can go and look up the research in different countries and you will see that you need on average 50-60mg of Vitamin C, may be 100mg if you are heavier and or sicker. This amount you can find in 100g of lemon; or about 50g of black currents; or 100g from a raw pepper. People say that foods are not as nutrition today..ok, double are still not at a kilogram of apples, correct?

3. There are many diets and regiments out there, but the one that has the highest success and easy rating is really the KETO one! BUT KETO done without taking your personal body specifications could be very bad for you! Don't worry, it is not that complicated, you just need to be aware of a few things. Please look at the plan for "Beginners" and my blog. It is all there, I promise! If you don't understand still, write to me! I answer all e-mails personally!

4. Most supplements that you buy from the pharmacy or a health store are unnecessary and you are wasting your money, plain and simple. You can add most needed nutrients through food even if you don't have time to cook. Natural foods are made by nature in such a way, that they "hold a key" for the door of your body to unlock metabolism and nourishment. In certain circumstances you may benefit from some supplements, but they are very limited. One thing true for sure is that if you could add the necessary nutrients from your everyday food, why on Earth would you spend extra money for something that has little to no benefits compared to cost? Fast, it does not award you or help you. Just because you have 10 bottles of supplements in your cupboard does not mean that you are practicing preventive "medicine"! It means that you are a fool who wants Providence to take care of his./her health while doing nothing! Sorry to be so harsh and honest, but this is the plain and simple truth!

If I had a penny for every time I heard "I am not eating well, so what can I get from here as supplements to help me?". And then the lady behind the counter spreads a big smile and starts placing in front of you those "miraculous" "fabulous" "awesome" "magic" pills. You don't need supplements, you need a mirror and if this does not work a shrink! You cannot substitute an apple with a pill! You cannot substitute selenium and zinc with a pill! Pills don't have the "key", real food does! 

No, it is not complicated, I will explain! I have been gathering examples and cases over the years and it's all here. Read on, I promise to make it simple.

 If you would like to start out your keto journey safely with the generic plan I have created, it is quite simple aimed at beginners, here is the PLAN.

Please read when you can the items in the BLOG, they are important!