Biography & Mission

Hello, I'm Rossi,

I am the person who creates and stands behind the Rossi's Pure products. Let me tell you a little about me and my road that lead me to here...

I was born in the beautiful small ski resort of Bansko in Bulgaria, and I hated the winter! While I was trying to be everything under the sun from a ballerina to a ski champion, to a piano player and a singer, I just never found my place there. I was and still am a horrible music artist and a mediocre skier and even worse when it comes to cold!

I was opinionated and outspoken and I just could not accept that certain things in communism were just supposed to be accepted. I would say I had an example. My father just would not join the Communist Party, and the family suffered greatly for that. My mother had to work more than any human being hard physical labor so we could have something to eat. I was very, very upset because my father would not bent for the sake of his family...Little that I knew, I was exactly the same...

I studied hard, although I really never was number 1. I compensated lack of talent with plenty of labor. I had more weight than the rest of the children and that was a torture. I had a lot of antibiotics while growing up and combined with hard iodine lacking mountain water, the Chernobil disaster, and later on becoming a very bad vegetarian, just sent me straight to depression accompanied with extra weight and a strong desire to disappear...

Well, I did manage to escape to the USA on a summer exchange program and never looked back. I went straight to New York, alone, and I had everything I wanted! I had no relatives and friends to compare to. I had no money to rely on, and I simply had nothing but myself and my obstinate deep belief that this was my place and I had to survive! 

I had a hard and wonderful life in New York, graduated Finance and Investments from Baruch College, went to Wall Street and...quit the first day! That was not a place for me! Despite almost a decade of dreaming...  Luckily, the insurance brokerage I was working at, was home to me and my bosses praised me for my loyalty and diligence, and that place not only helped me survive. That place gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about medicine fighting insurance companies when they would not pay claims.

30 years down the road from my first heartbreak from not having money to go to London despite being accepted in the fashion school, I see how every heartbreak was just a cornerstone I had to hit to get me back on track to my own road.

I could probably write a book about my life and all the silly things I have done, but one thing I was true to all the time was my heart! So here I am after Communism, after poverty, after surviving New York and getting a degree, after ending up in the hospital numerous times on two continents, after September 11th, after many heartbreaks and a divorce, and now after Covid...I am here doing what I was meant to do - healing through food and creating things to help us all live a better healthy life!

I would not be here if it was not for the support and love of my business partner and the man who rules my heart, who created the brand name and image and gave me that extra step of reassurance that I have to share my passion with the world. Rossi's Pure is a love story between a Mountain Goddess and an Irish Viking as we like to laugh:) So nice to meet you!

With all my heart,





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