№6: Why Vitamin D from a Bottle Does Not Replace SUNLIGHT (UVB) at All

№6: Why Vitamin D from a Bottle Does Not Replace SUNLIGHT (UVB) at All
26 January 2021

In other words, we need approximately 4/5 of vitamin D3 and 1/5 of vitamin D2, and these spaces are with different 'forms', and if the form is round, you can't put a square piece in it. So, both forms can help with the absorption of calcium, but only vitamin D3 does that AND immune modulation. The reason why D3 has both functions is that it consists of (a very general explanation) several parts, and only one part has the key to the immune system and the influence on insulin. This part is not present in over-the-counter vitamin D because it contains Cholecalciferol (cholecalciferol) and we need Calcitriol (calcitriol). But Calcitriol 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, NOT 25-hydroxyvitamin D3. This part you can only get through sunlight, because UVB light makes the 25 turn into 1,25. There is an exception, there is a serious prescription drug that contains it, BUT then you have to monitor calcium levels twice a week, be monitored by a doctor at least twice a week, and you need a prescription and they will not give it to you if you do not have a serious diagnosis and you should not even think about taking it under any circumstances, even in Bulgaria, where you can get everything on the second, even if it requires a prescription.

Here is the 'Vitamin D' family:

1. Ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) Absorption of calcium.

2. Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) Helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus.

3. Calcidiol (25-hydroxyvitamin D3) Not an active form of vitamin D until it is converted to calcitriol.

4.Calcitriol (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3) Increases the absorption of calcium from the gastrointestinal tract Improves the effect of PTH on bones ** Increases calcium in the blood regulates cell growth.

So, given this, what is the solution:

  1. Even if you take a prescription of vitamin D, even with a prescription, you only cover 1/5 of your needs and do almost nothing for insulin and metabolism or for Hashimoto's. You will have healthy bones, but Hashimoto's will remain with all other things being equal. Diabetes will still bother you, etc.

  2. People with darker skin need more vitamin D, as they get less penetration of the necessary UVB, so they need more sun, but not necessarily more food. The darker your skin, the more time you need to spend in sunlight, and this is cloudless light! So darker people who move to colder countries should be aware of this problem!

  3. Medical institutes and endocrine societies have a small difference in what they find to be normal and necessary. But 30 minutes naked in pleasantly burning sun every day for a white person, let's say, they agree. If you go to the beach, you will get darker, not just because you like to show off a tan, but because the body naturally protects itself from getting more vitamin D3 from sunlight than necessary. Remember, we only need 80%, and we still need the other 20% from food. This natural reaction of the body is nature, it knows the tricks. When taking vitamin D with or without a prescription, you need to be monitored, you need to be tested to avoid overdosing and causing serious problems, as the body has no innate mechanisms to cope with synthetic drugs. I guess when our gods were creating the human body, pharmacies did not exist!

  4. You can spend two weeks at the sea and replenish your vitamin D needs. This is a vitamin that is stored in our repository and can be used in small parts later. But it depletes quite quickly. You can't get burned and live for two weeks on the beach, because first you will burn and it will hurt, and second, because you only have 4 out of 5 'molds' that need to be filled and their size is only a certain amount. Yes, I wish you to go on a sunny vacation a few times a year, with a few months difference between vacations. You can spend as much time outdoors as possible when you have sun, but don't forget that clothes and sunscreens reduce UVB penetration, so you don't need 30 minutes, but you might be 90 minutes in the sun.

So, what other means do we have? We have tanning beds! Yes, modern ones with UVB, clean, preferably standing tanning beds. When I first started working with my Tibetan specialist, he told me about this more than three years ago, before my license, before my 500+ clients. I had Hashimoto's and three nodules in the thyroid gland, depression, excess weight, everything from the thyroid problem basket. My vitamin D level was at 23 and I needed at least 50. For 6 months I went 64 times, the first month averaging 5 minutes a day or three days a week, the second 6 minutes and the last month was 7 minutes. Taking a shower after the procedure controls how much tan you want to get, this does not affect the production of that part of vitamin D. In 6 months my level increased from 23 to 58. 95% of the clients who come to me don't even reach 25 of the min. 50 level. I tell them to get a vitamin D prescription from their personal doctor and take it as directed, and to go find a quality tanning bed. This practice is very useful for psoriasis as well. Just try to notice how you feel before and after the tanning bed. I bet you'll immediately see a difference in your mood!

So, the conclusion is that buying vitamin D, especially the over-the-counter one, is really a waste of money, because you pay a premium for something that will only be used 20% and could be achieved just with food without a problem. Prescription vitamin D may be 20% more valuable, but it needs to be strictly monitored, as it can very easily cause overdosing. Do not self-medicate, especially without knowing your true vitamin D levels!

What would I choose? I would choose a healthy low-carb diet rich in leafy vegetables and broccoli and use the summer for the beach, and a tanning bed in the winter. Now it's actually more affordable to use a tanning bed for 5 minutes, In my favorite spa center "YUPI" (http://upibeauty.com/bg/en/solarium-2/) in the East quarter one minute is 1 BGN. 5min three times a week are 15 BGN, and they have a monthly card for 45 BGN. A good brand of Vitamin D is the same price or more, but don't forget 80% vs 20%, so you pay 4 times more for something that solves only 20% of your problem!

Why is vitamin D important for weight loss? Because it participates in glucose homeostasis and if it's not there, this process just doesn't happen. This is a very general explanation, but that's the bottom line. The lower your vitamin D level, the higher your insulin resistance, although this is only part of the puzzle. The end result is that you need to make an effort first to test your vitamin D level in the laboratory, and second to take the necessary actions to increase it, this will not happen with a pill!

If you speak English, read this article, it's the best so far I've ever seen as an explanation, if you like the details! https://alliedhealth.lsuhsc.edu/cl/CE/Fall2019/handouts/Vitamin%20D_Fall2019colorhandout.pdf"

  1. NCBI Article: This article from the National Center for Biotechnology Information discusses the various roles of Vitamin D in the human body, its sources, and the consequences of Vitamin D deficiency. It provides scientific insights into how Vitamin D functions and its importance in maintaining overall health.

  2. LSU Health Sciences Center Handout: This handout from the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center offers detailed information on Vitamin D, including its biological roles, the importance of maintaining adequate levels, and the implications of deficiency. It's a comprehensive resource for understanding Vitamin D's impact on health.

  3. American Patent: US20130267606A1: This is a patent document that details a specific invention or process related to Vitamin D. Patents often contain technical and detailed descriptions of new innovations or methodologies, possibly related to the synthesis, formulation, or application of Vitamin D in various contexts.

These references provide a solid foundation for understanding the complex role of Vitamin D in health and wellness, as well as innovations in its application and study.

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