My Story

Hello, I'm Rossi,

I am the person who creates and stands behind our product line. I am Bulgarian by birth and American by education. I started creating sugar-free and low-carb dishes when I decided to test the keto diet to deal with my Hashimoto and depression. I opened a restaurant in 2010, so I had the means to cook and experiment with food, although I found the right path a bit later. 

Sugar-free and low-carb life cured my depression and thyroid, helped me lose weight, look much younger and ultimately happy. I was asked to cook for a few children with epilepsy and autism and that gave me the perspective of the power of food when it comes to neurological problems. I created a test group of some of my regular customers who badly needed help with their health and delivered food to 20 people for free for 3 months to test what I have learned acquiring a nutritional degree and a cosmetology license. I was shocked to see first hand how different people with the same problems are affected by food differently. I wanted to find a solution...

I started creating foods to help my test group with the cravings and the new life they were starting. Most of them were craving chocolate and bread, sweets, jams, biscuits. I started looking to buy these products because in between creating menus and managing my other business /kid's party club/, I just did not have time to deal with it.

But I ran into a problem! I did not find products that were clean from other ingredients that deteriorated health. It was not enough to just be without sugar, I need it not to create another problem, by solving just one!

I went through a million sites and brands and did not find any clean enough to suit my test group! The chocolate would either have lecithin or milk, or palm oil, or colorants, preservatives etc.; the bread would have a million things of which 90% did not sound very natural; the jams had 40% fruit...what about the other 60%? In my meal plan I had created for the test group, I could not take the chance of fixing one problem only to find out another one was caused...

Why Erythritol?

All the 20 hated the stevia taste, and I just did not like the process of how a green plant becomes a white powder. I ordered monk fruit from China, turned out the cost was prohibitive, the aftertaste was not pleasant at all, and the EU actually had a bad on using it in Europe still... I went for Erythritol since it had no taste and almost 0 Glycemic Index. I knew that all the other sugar alcohols were inferior to Erythritol's ability to not absorb water. Its molecules are so big that they don't enter the blood stream but still activate the receptors in the mouth for sweet. 

I had a problem with Erythritol as well...turned out one pack I bought had saccharin inside! Erythritol is expensive and obviously some traders or manufacturers don't play fair. I started thinking that I had a bite bigger than I could chew and was closed to giving up! Then I found a supplier with reputation, ordered a pack, tested it in two labs, and finally I had a pure non-Gmo erythritol to use! 

Then I ran into another problem...Erythritol does not dissolve in fat...

How about the chocolate?

Chocolate was a real problem first because coconut milk with water did not mix with the cacao butter, but I did not want to use lecithin for health reasons. I could not use milk because of the thyroid and diabetic issues and I certainly was not going to use any soy products or emulsifier! Then Erythritol, despite being a fine powder still tasted like sand... I went to a chocolate specialist in the UK who told me that the samples I brought were great and that the people had to get over the "sand" since it is a totally healthy product. I was sitting there and I asked him how to explain this to my 6-year old client with epilepsy and the three year old one with autism...I kept looking! So one day I came across a company that produces machines that "shave" molecules, went to the lab, tested the mixture and problem solved! In addition to this they added a head that emulsifies the mixture with motion and no chemistry involved. I was shocked why this kind of equipment was not used by big companies and avoid all the gluing agents in the foods? It was money, of course. As a small producer I could mortgage my house and buy a small lab size one for not so much money, but the big ones needed millions to produce it in the amounts they do and then human labor, it requires more human labor!

Then I had to get a tempering machine because my little machine was seized by the British authorities at the airport after coming back from the lab tests because they found "explosives" traces on it! I really could not believe it!

I almost broke into tears...

I did not have the help now even of that little machine! And I had not much money left for a professional one... Then I found out a Bulgarian entrepreneur who agreed to build a machine just for me and at half price! And then the problems started...the chocolate was too liquid, the machine could not elevate it and a million other issues. He fixed them one by one and I was patient because he and I knew that he had no experience with a chocolate like this with this viscosity and I could not complain. It took me a year to get the machine, temperature, and all other things right. I also found a company that dry-freezes coconut and this way I eliminated the humidity and now the chocolate was stable! I had a chocolate that not only did not raise blood sugar in diabetics, but lowered it due to the cacao ability to do so! Unfortunately my test group had to put up with far less superior chocolate meanwhile...:))

What about the price?

Determined to create a totally healthy product took a toll on the price. I could not find Erythritol that does not cost a fortune compared to raw sugar, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners or other sugar alcohols with big Glycemix Indexes. Palm oil is 1 euro a kilogram and cacao is like 10. Coconut milk powder with nothing but coconut inside is 10 euros versus 1 euro for plam oil-infused low dry milk powder. Erythritol does not crystalize like sugar so you get no benefit to make it super-shiny either. But coconut butter solved this problem on later stage as well. 

So yes, when you go and you buy products, read their labels! They are not equal! In Rossi's Pure Chocolate you get only products that are natural, nothing else. Soy and Sunflower or Canola Lecithin and other emulsifiers stick to your intestines even in small amounts and glue bad cholesterol and other things in there that otherwise would not stick to places they don't belong to. 

Sugar is sugar even if it's raw, even if it is honey, even if it is cane or palm or any other sugar, it is simply sugar to the body! Yes, some are better than others but sugar in any shape and form creates addiction just like the other refined sugar does! It may do it for 10 days instead of 1, but it does! It all becomes glucose at the end. So many people can't hold a healthy weight because they don't read the labels and think that they eat healthy foods!

I was recently looking at what another "healthy" product on the market, here it goes:

Ingredients: ..., Maltodextrin, Fat Powder (Soya Oil, MaltodextrinMilk protein, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithins)), ...Dextrin, dried Mushrooms 3%,  Salt, Thickener (Guar Gum), Onion Powder 1.5%, Flavouring, Dipotassium Phosphate, ..., Tricalcium Phosphate, Vitamin Preparation (Maltodextrin, Vitamin E ..., Mineral Preparation (Maltodextrine, Ferric...  One portion has 200 calories and 20g of carbs of which only 3 fiber and 7 sugar..

Maltodextrin is a sugar alcohol but unlike Erythritol it is much cheaper and has a Glycemix Index of 85 to 105. Honey is with 55 GI, sugar /sucrose/ is with 68. Agave is a bit better, but just a bit. 

The higher the Glycemic Index, the higher the sugar in your blood, the higher the insulin, the higher the fat-storage and increasing insulin resistance over time, the higher the addiction!

It's that simple! So just read the labels!

This is why we at Rossi's Pure use non-GMO Erythritol and test the batch to make sure it's clean. This is why we don't use cow milk in any shape and form, still vey high GI, and could create antibody thyroid issues for some. We don't use lecithin because in fact, chocolate does not need lecithin at all, cacao butter crystals are strong enough to hold the chocolate structure, lecithin is there solely for commercial purposes that unintentionally aggravate health.

So now you know, who we are and why we do what we do! Please read the other articles in my Education section. Knowledge is power! Knowledge is simple! Very few people can metabolize carbs without being addicted to them, the majority of us don't have this luxury!

With all my heart,