Lactobacillus bulgaricus or the Bulgarian gift to the world by Daflorn (R)

In 1984 professor doctor Nicola Alexandrov was ordered by the Bulgarian government to create foods for the space program "Intercosmos". Until 1992 these foods were classified and only produced for the governmnent programs. In 1993 the de-classification of the program allowed Daflorn OOD to introduce the unique Bulgarian bacteria  products for the population. Today, we at Rossi's Pure, have a solid history with their products and I thought that it is a high time we let you know why we only work with them and why I actually admire the spirit and devotion of the company to people's health.

We have been using the probiotics of Daflorn for over 4 years and they work! For the very few that they did not work we researched why and found serious intestine problems that needed surgery. For everybody else, they just work!

I have to say that we created our own program for taking the capsules depending on the severity of the issue that is slightly different from what's on the information of the bottles, all based on experience with ourselves and our clients. 

The difference between these probiotics and most of the rest is that they actually create and maintain the colony of good bacteria in our gut which is so needed to regulate gut health. The fact that our health is strongly dependant on our gut is now no secret to nobody. We found out that people use the probiotic on average of three months and then they can stop a bit. Some do, some don't. But in three months you can see improvement that will change your life, literaly!

As you know, Bulgaria is the proud place where this lovely Lactobacillus bulgaricus is found. Daflorn OOD has found a unique method to find it and put it in a capsule. They are the very proud holders of many international certificates and recognitions, even the FDA. 

We also like Daflorn's methods because just like us they believe that we should try and fit whatever possible in one product to help as much as possible, not have ten different supplements to choke on just for the sake of making more sales. They have several different types of probiotics, althought the base is the same. The bacteria feeds on the lactose in the capsules so you don't have to worry about the sugar. Those who are allergic to cow's milk (not intolerant, but strictly allergic) have the option to use the goat milk based one as well.

I want to present one of them, it is the newest: Papaya! Papaya extract controls blood sugar and this way it reduces the cravings for sweet. I recommend it for begginers who have just entered this road to fight sugar dependancy and to poeple with Diabetes of course. There are other benefits to it as well, but they are just a bonus. After you finish the first bottle, then switch to the Hepanorm and in month 3 take the Omega3. 

For people with liver problems not related to sugar, like hepatitis or damage due to alcohol or prescription damage, start with the Hepanorm, switch to Omega 3 and then to the Antioxidant.

People with anemia should start with the Antioxidant for 2 months and then switch to Aloe.

Poeple with Hashimoto should start with Aloe and switch to Magnesium and then the Papaya.

I can keep going but I think you get the idea! What would be the most trending probiotic for the summer: Papaya! Why? Because it helps you beach body! Enjoy!

Lactobacillus bulgaricus is our country's gift to the world, and we should thank Daflorn for making it accessible in this way! Great ideas, great spirit, great health!



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