№1: Carbohydrates Make Your Body Lose Vitamins and Minerals

One more reason to give up refined carbohydrates and limit natural carbohydrates is the fact that the more carbs you eat, the less vitamins your body absorbs. How?

Vitamin B is required in bigger amounts when eating too many carbohydrates. People decide to take pills, but unfortunately the absorption is obstructed this way. 

Vitamin C, for example, is somewhat similar to the structure of the glucose molecule and the glucose molecule is preferred by the cells as it is easier to absorb hence you end up with less Vitamin C in your body. Diabetics have about 30% less vitamin C in their body for example.

The more refined carbs and breads you eat, you not only put no value in your body whatsoever, you are getting into double trouble because on top of that you exert the so needed minerals and vitamins from your body, because your body is lazy and prefers to absorb glucose rather than anything else really, generally speaking.

So how do you correct this? Substitute refined sugars and bread with one that is keto generally speaking. Eat not more than 100g of fruits every day. Yes, even if you are 150kgs. you still don't need two kilograms of fruit every day. Yes, they taste great for being a healthy food BUT they are only healthy up to a small amount, after that they become just sugar in your body, i.e. glucose.

Credits: I have used many books and studies to summarize this in one short blog. If you have time use Google to research on your own on the topic of "How carbohydrates deplete micronutrients from your body". Don't obsess, just get the understanding!



Get most of your vitamins and minerals from vegetables that are leafy and not sweet: lettuce, endive, arugula, mix Romain salad, cucumbers, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower. No matter what you are eating, add at least 200g of these in your meal, and you will be ok, other things kept equal. You have to do this with every meal, not just dinner, not just lunch, every meal. Half an avocado and half a cucumber in the morning will do miracles for you! Not pills from the pharmacy, just pure great tasting food!

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