№7: How to start safely on weight loss KETO even with Hashimoto (part 2)

As you may have noticed already, I am very keen on micro nutrients. My nutrient oriented approach has proven to work for many different cases without fail. Now, this does not mean that I give people all the same things. What I do monitor, however, for them is to get their daily nutrient need on average for the week. You saw in part 1 the menu and the nutrients. Today I post a sample day 2, again for a woman that needs 1200 kcal per day or 162-165cm with a weight of about 75-65. Men can increase by 40% if upto 90kg, over that may even go to 50% more. Heavier women can start higher and work their way towards that goal as they approach the weight. You will have a semi-hard time or a hard time losing weight if you don't add some exercise. Don't fool yourself 80% of the success is food, but the other 20% is what is going to annoy you! So figure out how to get extra 150 calories burned. Walking 1 hour with moderate speed will give you 150 burned calories. Jogging 15 min on the street with some incline will give you the same. 30 min exercising with some cardio YouTube Video can do that as well. So find a way and find the time. Then look at the meal plan:

Pre-breakfast: 3g of husk with two cups of hot water.

Breakfast: 2 Eggs with 10g of butter, 1/2 of the Rossi's Pure Tortilla Wrap Bread, and 20g of bacon. You can make an omelet, you can make it boiled, you can microwave it if you want, does not matter. I like the bread toasted with butter and the eggs scrambled with the bacon. if I don't have time I put the eggs in the Sistema /https://sistemaplastics.com/products/microwave/egg-poacher. They don't pay me, don't worry, if you find a substitute, fine, but I like them a lot. I love poached eggs and I like my butter not burned but on the toasted bread! This breakfast is 346 calories. I don't not eat just one egg, the breakfast to me is the most important meal of the day. I do eat it around 10am because that's how my day goes, but I eat breakfast! 

Pre-lunch: 4g of husk with two cups of hot water.

Lunch: My lunch is around 1pm, considering I have had breakfast at 10am, that's quite normal. 2pm is also ok, after that I start to not feel very good and neither does my insulin. I have Hashimoto that I control through food and exercise, so timely food to me is very important! I notice how I start to gain weight the moment I stop eating on schedule. Sounds familiar?

So the lunch: Beef with mushrooms..

100g Lean beef, 100g raw mushrooms, 5g onions, 5g carrot, 100g broccoli raw or frozen, 20g coconut oil, 50g celery . Beef is hard to cook if you are not in Western Europe where there is a lot of good cheap beef. Here in the Eastern part our cows are for milking not for eating, and beef is really a challenge. Change it for chicken if you must. I use lean meat and add coconut oil or cold butter after I cook the meal. I do not like to use butter when using temperature. Cook the beef as stew, as soup, as stir-fry, does not matter, just use  and measure the ingredients. This gives you 328 calories when you add 5g of butter in the dish after you cook it, while still hot. If you have high cholesterol use virgin olive oil or hemp or avocado or flax seed oil.

Pre-snack: 3g of husk with two cups of hot water.

Snack... I use snacks to add nutrients and good fat. 10g of raw pumpkin seeds add some iron to your diet that is very necessary. I snack when I am starting to fall asleep or get nervous... a sing that my insulin is again roaring. 44 calories.

Dinner: Chicken Alfredo. If I manage to run before dinner, I am happy despite the fact that this might mean I eat around 9. If you could manage to eat by 8 pm, great. If by 6 pm even better, but not very realistic, is it?

The chicken Alfredo is heavy and you might want to swap dinner for lunch if you are not exercising. My goal is to run 5km for not more than 45min. If I don't manage to run, I do not allow myself a heavy dinner. So you could swap here lunch and dinner, no problem!

Chicken Alfredo is 150g of raw chicken skinless thighs cut into juliennes, and sautéed with coconut butter. If you have high cholesterol opt for the chicken breast. 150g of frozen spinach, 50g of raw mushrooms, Himalayan salt, 10g of coconut oil. When it starts to get some color add 100g of coconut cream. Serve with 50g of cherry tomatoes that are put on fresh. We need the tomatoes to absorbs the iron from the spinach, so don't omit them. Don't use animal fat cream, it has stuff that prevents the Iron from being absorbed. Cook as long as you wish, or you think it is thick enough for you. If you need to cook it further add some water to the dish. Dry herbs are ok of any kind, just skip the black pepper and garlic, they mess with the gall bladder and you need it at full speed.

Two very important remarks! Salt is needed when losing weight, so i add 10 pink crystals of Himalayan salt throughout the day and drink them with water like pills. This helps you with your daily need of Potassium and Sodium, and will keep your electrolytes pumping. Some of the minerals in the salt are just an extra bonus.

if you have high cholesterol, high calcium, low iron, and high uric acid, drink three litters of water per day with 3 squeezed lemons in them throughout the day. The vitamin C from the pharmacy is not the same as the one in the lemon! If you don't like lemon, use lime. The above risk groups have to do this even if they don't follow any kind of other regime.

And this is it, another day of safe keto weight loss day. The day is good even if you are on a low-calorie day. Long time ago 1200 calories seemed to me like poor starvation. Now, I can't even imagine that I have had more than that ever. But it was a long road of more than 3 years now.

Find time to exercise! Nothing fights Hashimoto like a good cardio exercise! Dance zumba with a YouTube channel if you have to, or pretend to be a boxer for 20 min, does not matter, just move, regularly. 

Summary: 1245 calories; 88g of protein; 43 carbs minus 21 g fiber, so net carbs 22g; 97g of fat. Sodium 100%; Potassium 40%; Vit A 100%+; Vit C 100%+; Calcium 85%+; Iron 40% based on the need for 1200 cal for a woman 19-50yrs.

If you have questions, feel free to e-mail them!



Credits: Thank you BBC for the picture https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/health-benefits-pumpkin-seeds 

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