№3: Erythritol above all other sugar alcohols comes with a price, but with all the benefits!

Using Erythritol can be pricey but it is worth it! You can take a look at this chart, courtesy of  www.chipmonkbaking.com, and can see some info on Medical News Today online at https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/318392. In short, it is a sugar alcohol like the rest of its cousins but it is "the smartest". Unlike the cheaper xylitol, inulin, maltitol, etc., it has much fewer calories and unlike Stevia it does not have a terrible aftertaste, I also have a bit of a problem with the way Stevia becomes a white powder from a green-leaf plant, but I will not dive into it. Monk Fruit is a good choice as well, despite the price, which honestly is not the biggest problem because you just use a little. But all the samples I got from China had a bad aftertaste, I may have gotten the wrong ones, of course. But it does not matter really because it is still not approved in Europe as a sweetener, just as "flavor". 

I have found a way to cut Erytritol's molecules from powder to even more fine powder using a machine that "shaves" the molecules and then homogenizes it with the rest of the ingredients. It is my favorite tool and it costs as much as half of my house, but it is worth every euro cent! The same machine emulsifies the chocolate cream mechanically with a special head so no emulsifiers, lecithin or other binding unhealthy agents are necessary. Erythritol does not dissolve in fat, only in water, and that  makes it hard to use without these biding agents. Some people feel some "cooling" effect, but most people actually don't feel it while having the chocolate or the other products. Erythritol does not attract water while in the body and does not feed bad gut bacteria. It does not feed the mouth bacteria either and that is why it is often used in high quality chewing gums. It does not really enter the blood stream hence the almost zero Glycemix index and other benefits. Yes, if one eats more than 25-30g of it at one time stomach discomfort may appear because it is like "sand" that goes in and goes out the same way unaffected by the human system. That is a very generic explanation of course of the whole process, but I am just trying to make a point. 

In conclusion, not all sugar alcohols are equal to the non-Gmo Erythritol we use for our products 100%. We don't try to cut corners by mixing it with cheaper alternatives that lower price just to be more competitive or to have more profit. We believe that health is priceless and as such we use minimal margins and maximum responsibility! Always read the labels and learn to read in between the lines! Vegetable fat is an umbrella under which palm oil falls under just like canola oil or other  unhealthy oils! Not all products are equal, not all companies are ethical unfortunately it is allowed in today's world! Be your own guardian!

Love, Rossi

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