№12: "Nobody is bigger than bread", an old Bulgarian proverb

'Nobody is bigger than bread" they say in my country! Nobody can survive without food it means. Long time ago, bread was the main meal for many people, for some the only one. Being wholegrain and home-made, it actually had quite an impressive vitamin passport! Those days are gone, and here we also avoid gluten for various reasons, so that's just a meaningful proverb, and that's all.

When I originally started eliminating carbohydrates in the very early days of my keto journey, bread was one thing that I missed the most, because bread and I, we had a special relationship! Long story short, for 5 years I experimented with over 900 batches of bread until I got to the one today. It was not enough for me to just be tasting like bread, it needed to fit in the concept of all the food that we produce, it needed to do more and serve for adding value in addition to just being food. Many of us go through many recipes from the Internet for bread, and then get saturated with the particular taste, because the eggs are too much, or the almonds can be overwhelming, or you can feel the husk too much, or the coconut flour, you name it. So my goal was to create a bread that tastes like bread, and has fiber and not too many calories. It needed to be vegan so that everybody could use it, and it had to slice properly.

So mixing a lot of ingredients, in this number oat fiber, I created Rossi's Pure Keto Bread with 1g of net carbs and 105 calories per slice. Before we bake the bread we cut the top so you know where to cut your slice as well without weighing it on the scale every time. Every bread produces 10 slices. Here are the few reasons why I love our bread so much:

*It is tasty with a taste of...bread!

*it adds fiber to the diet, for women, one slice is about 15-20% of the daily fiber need, depending on the weight;

*it balances out fatty dishes so you don't have a "greasy" mouth;

*it satisfies! It really does satisfy.

And now, I would like to give you a meal plan with simple recipes to follow and see this for yourself! 

A Day with 15g of net carbs, 1250 kcals and complete satisfaction with Rossi's Pure Keto Bread :

BREAKFAST (8-9am) 191 kcals (coffee or tea with or without erythritol does not count). DO NOT SKIP THE BREAKFAST IF YOU ARE IN THE BEGINNING! Do not skip the breakfast, if you have high blood sugar or diabetes, or insulin resistance, or you still have more than 6-7kgs to lose.

1 Boiled egg

20g raw blueberries 

50g/1 slice of Rossi's Pure Almond Breakfast Cheese Pie

Recipe for the pie:

1. 250g full-fat yogurt 4.5%

2. 4 eggs

3. 400g blanched almond flour

4. feta cheese 125g

5. 5g oat fiber

6. 3-4g of butter to butter up the baking paper only

7. pinch of salt

8. 10g (one pack) baking powder with no gluten

Mix the baking powder in the yogurt, leave it to rise. Mix all the other ingredients into a batter with a mixer, does not matter in which order. Then combine the yogurt-soda mixture with the batter. Bake 30 min at 120-130 degrees Celsius. Leave it to dry a bit. Cut it into 10 even pieces. We shock-freeze ours hot from the oven after slicing them for convenience. You can do the same in your freezer, and take out pieces as you go. You could leave it in the fridge for a whole week, and it will still be good to go every time you need a slice. I strongly recommend slicing it entirely before storing, it enables accountability:)


LUNCH (12-1pm) 499 kcals:

Baked beef with cheese and mushrooms

Recipe: 100g lean boiled beef with some of the bouillon, or chicken; with 50g of raw mushrooms, 25g of pizza cheese on top, just put it in a skillet and bake until heated properly and the cheese has melted and gotten brown spots like on a pizza. Then add fresh on the side:

Avocado 50g

Cucumber 100g

1 slice of Rossi's Pure Keto Bread


Choice 1 is 102kcals, if you have thyroid issues: 2pcs of Rossi's Pure Selenium Chocolate

Choice 2 is 96 kcals; 2pcs of Rossi's Pure Choco Biscuits (with this choice your carbs for the day will go to 17g net)

DINNER (8-8.30PM) 465 kcals:

100g grilled chicken breast

One Green Salad

1 slice of Rossi's Pure Keto Bread

Green Salad Recipe:

1. 100g of lettuce

2. One hard boiled egg cut in 4 pieces

3. 10g raw radishes

4. 5g green scallions

5. 50g cucumber

6. one table-spoon apple cider vinegar

7. 10g olive oil, extra virgin and cold-pressed

8. Himalayan pink salt as much as you like!

For a woman that is now 80kgs you will have to add one more pieces of bread to the daily dose; and if at 90kgs add two pieces of bread more. 

If you are just staring out and love sweet stuff, then instead of the bread, add 2 Rossi's Pure Choco Biscuits to get to 100 kcals approximately for every 10kgs, instead of the one slice of bread which is also around 100 kcals. This means that a woman of 90kgs may add on top of everything listed in the plan 4 whole choco biscuits! The bread and the biscuits will make you drink water, they are high in fiber! You have to drink water, and have water in front of you every minute of the day! 

And this is it. It is as simple as that! Man could just double the amount if we have to simplify things.

This plan for the day gives you more than 300% the daily dose of Vitamin A, 35% of Vitamin C, 85% of Calcium and 30% of Iron, 30% of Potassium, 30% of Sodium, and 100% of Cholesterol (so that your body does not have to produce the bad type one!).

To make it perfect I would add a tablespoon of our Rossi's Pure Apple Cider Vinegar for every second liter of water in-between meals to ease the electrolyte balance and aid a bit of the liver cleansing. For people with high cholesterol and sugar in the blood I would also add 30-40min before meals, 4 of our Rossi's Pure Husk  Vegan Capsules, with two glasses of water, hot enough to drink comfortably.

One last thing I would like to add, for those who are trying to lose weight. Notice, that I have put the more caloric dish for lunch. A lot of people argue that we don't count calories on keto...in the beginning it is possible, you could easily lose 10kgs without counting, but hardly after that. I have applied this test over and over again, and I can assure you that eating heavy fat and calorie meals for dinner definitely impedes your weight loss! So for dinner go for more fiber, less fat and normal protein, and an overall dinner of not more than 500 kcals if you are not more than 70-80kgs. The afternoon snack is important to help you not crave everything in your fridge at night. The breakfast will do that too!

I have two favorite proverbs, the first one is Chinese and it says "Eat the breakfast alone, the lunch share with your friend, and the dinner - the dinner you give to your enemy!" So much wisdom in a few words! 

The second one is Korean and it says: "Fall seven times, get up eight times!". So we all fall numerous times, we just have to make sure we get up every time! 

If you have any particular questions about your personal situation, please e-mail them to me at rossispure@gmail.com and I will make sure I answer!



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