№16: The Importance of Breakfast when Starting Your Low-Carb Keto Life

During the past 6-7 months the amount of people who started the keto diet on their own, or with the assistance of somebody who applied it on themselves and never on other people, and ended with issues, is tremendous! The more we are approaching spring, the crazier the people get! So I have decided to write this article as a plea to the human logic!

The keto diet does provide fast results and it also can cause in many people real problems if done incorrectly! We have several types of “specialists” here in Bulgaria, from one who blocks people asking why they can’t use a little bit of carrots and onions in their food, or when they post and adverse reaction; to another who promotes the unhealthiest fats there are, but advises  to buy then hundreds of levs from the pharmacy as supplements. There are those who live in the gym, and claim that 5% body fat is possible to obtain with the products they sell…full with commercial additives like preservatives, gluing agents and lecithin. There are the “know-alls” as well in many of the keto groups for recipes and support, who again, have only applied the plan to themselves and were lucky enough not to get into trouble.

Then there is me, who ends up with the drop-outs from the above mentioned groups, because now we have a central location where they can just walk in or order online, and judging by the orders I can tell who is in for trouble, so I pick up the phone and call them.

After I applied the keto diet on myself, quite as an amateur, five years ago, I was approached by a few people to cook for different kids with problems. I enjoyed this tremendously because it gave me purpose and it utilized my knowledge of food having a restaurant for a long time, and cooking most of the time as well, not just being the boss who does not know how to fry an egg. Then my friend asked me to help her as well but applying my experience on her ended up with her going to the doctor because she started having high blood pressure, heartbeat and  was really scared due to surviving a tumor. I had to find out why, I was very concerned. I did have a lot of medical background experience due to my past job of suing insurance companies when they would not pay the patients, but this was very specific.

At that time the restaurant was doing extremely well, so I had the means. I decided to start a test group and offered people around me who needed to lose weight to participate and bring friends who needed as well. For three months I fed 30 people for free, full meals! The requirement was to get full medical tests done only. The most important thing I learned from that experience was that the human character nature, not the food was our worst enemy! We just like to sabotage ourselves and others. We watched wives sabotaging their husbands from fear of leaving them if they became better looking; husbands bringing home chocolate for their wives out of love, because “they needed a little brake” and because they wanted to support them; we had mother-in –laws cooking twice the amount of pies and dishes helping their children because now the wife was on a diet and they feared their sons would stay hungry, and we had also those who went to India 10 years ago and lost more quickly the weight eating…only rice…but now they had the yo-yo effect. I could go forever!

We also had the 10% of people who listen to everything we had to offer, wanted to change their habits, and knew it was not an overnight job. The 5 people who lost the most kgs ones we stopped, got them back within another 3 months. They all had businesses and were doing well, but could not accept that they now had to pay for food if they wanted to continue. The rest of the people lost on average of 5kg for the three months. Uric acid (causing gout disease) was reduced by 23% on average. The insulin resistance from 9 average went down to 2.6, the glucose from 8 on average to 5.5 and the LDL got down on average by 15%. These people until today have almost ideal weight and no longer are on a strict keto diet and still maintain their weight and go for annual medical tests.

Here are the problems of the “drop-outs” that ended up from wanting to lose weight without correcting the underlying causes:

  1. Fast loss weight, then fast yo-yo effect
  2. Hair loss
  3. Fatty liver
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Dry skin
  6. Constipation
  7. Depression
  8. Anemia

And mostly having a very difficult time going back on the correct path, getting annoyed how easy it was before, and how difficult it is now…

Insulin is responsible for converting excess glucose to fat. The more insulin you have in the blood, the more fat you store. The more bad carbohydrates you eat, the more insulin is produced by the body. It is really very simple. Stress also increases insulin. Fasting and restricting calories in the beginning increases stress, hence insulin. Not to mention that fasting also increases uric acid and it is an absolute no for people with high uric acid!

Restricting carbs reduces insulin BUT it does not reduce insulin resistance that quickly! When the cells are tired from insulin “abusing” them for years, they don’t recover immediately. Just like when you are exhausted from working for a long time for many hours a day you need more than one day to recover. The biggest mistake that people make when they start on the keto diet, and the one that is pure stupidity, is to look for fast results! Just because you lose weight quickly, it does not mean that you are fixing your underlying cause! Cells need time to recover, a lot more than a month!

What shocks me the most is that people with serious other health issues are throwing themselves in that quick “win” and ignore completely the main issue! When you have high blood pressure, when you take medications, when you have hormonal imbalance, when you have high cholesterol, or fatty liver, or any other issues, if you take the fast road, you are bound to crash! Please understand, there is no quick fix! Nothing can fix your body quick, nothing! You are not fixing the issue when you try to do so, you are just postponing the yo-yo effect, that is all you are doing!

One of the biggest issues: people don’t eat breakfast. 100% of the people believe that they should not have breakfast when they come with a problem mainly because some bid keto companies and keto “specialists” who never treated anybody else but themselves proclaim that! The reason why you should it breakfast is because eating the right breakfast triggers satiety hormones during the day. If you eat breakfast, they “wake up” but need time to go to work. So by noon you still feel hunger, but then comes night and you no longer feel like you want to eat the whole fridge. If you skip breakfast, you trigger these hormones at lunch time and they are not fully active by night and this is what causes for you to eat at night more than you should. It does matter what you eat in the morning, regular processed food gluten and sugar packed breakfast will not do the job! You need protein and fat and very little carbs. Breaking this habit is the most difficult job usually. One day, when you are at your ideal weight, you may skip breakfast, you may skip even lunch, and you could be fine in the early evening with one meal. For that you need years, not one day, not one week, not even one year, but years so that your overall intake of calories is small and it does not affect your overall sugar and insulin levels. Also, most people who eat like that, have their dinner at 6pm, not 10pm, so you see that makes all the difference as well! The last thing you want to do is to skip meals when starting on this or any diet. One thing all diets have in common, no matter what, is that at nigh you should eat light because the body slows down the metabolism naturally to prepare it for sleep. The morning is just the opposite!

In conclusion, if you don’t take the time to learn to eat right by excluding high-carb fruits, you will have the yo-yo effect. You cannot exclude 100% some of the vegetables like onions and carrots because they make the meals tasty! If the food is not tasty, how long will you last on this diet?

*Eat the right breakfast

*Eat every 4 hours: 8-12-16-20 (approximately)

*Drink water between the meals

*Eat an afternoon snack.

*Don’t go beyond 8pm with dinner

* Healthy fats is what you need, so go more for lean meat, not greasy one, and add good fat like olive oil, avocadoes, etc. Combining high-fat cream and fatty meat is only good for a week and only if your liver and cholesterol are not in bad shape. This one week will be enough to get into ketosis, and then stir away from the animal fats at least every other day, and use mostly good fat.

* Eat low-carb vegetables at lunch and dinner at least 100g each

Remember, you can hurt yourself if your eye is only on the scale! Don’t listen to people who tell you how that lost 20kg for one month, this is most of the time a lie and all the time stupidity! 

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