№2: Spirit in the Past, Body in the Present /or why keep telling people and yourself how you WERE is not going to change how you ARE/

Happy Sunday! Sunday is my favorite day now because I drink my cappuccino while sharing my thoughts hoping it would help me, my clients, and you as well!

For me, it is the time when I go over my appointments during the week and draw conclusions and statistics. I met two very difficult clients this week. They both need to change their life immediately to save their health. They made the first step asking for help! Then they put a "barricade" around them trying push away the help...In our conversation of how the process of food healing would be happening they both kept telling me how they were in their 20ies or 30ies while being over 30 and over 40 now. They both kept telling me how they have been regularly going to the GYM, how they have met nutrition experts, how they disagree with many of my statements and mostly how urgent their situation was... 

There is one thing I have learned from experience, the carrot does not work in this situation, the stick does. So I after seeing that I was hitting a metal wall, I had to ask them if they were such experts, why are they in this situation...At this moment I am very well aware that the client might get upset and leave, I know. But there is no point working with somebody who wants to live in the past, change nothing, and expect get better because this somebody is simply not present, and because my magic wand is broken...

It is extremely tough sometimes, there is no question about that! I live in the eternal fight between my old habits and my new habits every single day! This is why I actually keep doing what I am doing, because I know that I need help, and my clients are my help, my mirror. The good news is that I usually don't give up that easily and somewhere along the line I usually find a crack and start to break piece by piece until that metal wall is demolished. 

IT IS EASIER with help! It is easier to be haunted by somebody who will not give up on you, and will hit you with the stick, when you don't see the carrot! But one thing is clear - you cannot live in the past! Your body 10 years later is NOT the same even if you look good! And before you start thinking that I am a completely insensitive person, I do offer in return to try and mimic every food they miss. So ketchup or chocolate cake, you name it, I do it, person by person, morning by morning, wish after another, I don't get tired. If I do, I rest on Sunday and on Monday I walk in the kitchen with a smile!

With age the following things happen:

-Habits grow more obstinate;

-Cells do not regenerate that fast, so your body does not change that fast;

-After you have abused your body for 10 years, and for 10 years you have carried that weight around, your body has suffered and it has been damaged and

NO! You CANNOT compare yourself to you 10 years ago! You are 10 years worse now! You are here and your body is acing and it is telling you that you have to stop and change because if you don't, the speed of deterioration is actually on a square compared to your youthful years' one!

You CANNOT get better unless you make changes! I don't care how many excuses you have, we all have them! It is all in your head! Believe me I know, I fight with the voices in my head every day, several times a day. I just keep telling them that I need to change and I keep changing! 

Where do you start from? Here is a road map:

1. Write down: "I am 20 years old", "I am 30 years old", " I am 40 years old" and so forth. Now cross the ones you are not. Look at the writing for a min. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, open your eyes look at the one that is still standing there without an "X' on it...read it out loud.

2. Now get up, look at yourself in the mirror /yes, I know, it is painful, been there done that/ and tell to the person in the mirror the following : "You have left the past, now you are here, deal with it! I will help you! One foot in front of the other..."

3. When you get up in the morning repeat to yourself before you get out of bed: "I need to make one new change today and this will be..." Choose your step, make your foot step in front of the other, one step at the time". Stop eating refined sugars and bread by replacing them with fruits /avoid bananas, pineapple and the other super-sweet fruits/. Then go look for sugar-free replacements. Go look for cracker and chips replacement.. Make a day that will be the only day you will eat rice or potatoes, and promise yourself that you will stick to it. Remove one bad carbohydrate per day. And yes, potatoes may be fine for most but not for people with high glucose. And yes, 5.75 is just as high as 6 actually, so yes, it's not rosy! 

4. Go to bed happy that you have changed something today! Go to bed repeating in your head that habit is a muscle and all it needs is training..Train yourself to change, every day, one foot in front of the other...just don't give up! 






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