№15: Rossi's Little Keto Tricks: Trick №1 - Miracle Breading!

One of my favorite products lately is oat fiber! Oat fiber tastes like tasteless fine flour and it is absolutely fabulous! Being pure fiber, it does not carry any calories and all of its carbohydrates are pure dietary fiber, which makes it a ZERO net carbohydrate product! What and how do you use this fiber?

1. You can thicken sauces with it! We use a dry pan to roast the fiber until golden and then add it to the beef stew for example, or to thicken the tomato sauce for our "spaghetti".

2. We put it in the bread, in the biscuits, in the pastry, etc.

3. Mix it with almond flour and herbs and some salt and turn it into a great breading mix for frying cheese, schnitzels, courgettis, etc.

What happens when you use the fiber is very interesting! The fiber absorbs the water in your stomach so quickly that it sends an almost immediate signal for satisfaction and if before you could eat 10 mozzarella sticks, with our breading mix you can barely eat 5 and you are full! Try to do this for a schnitzel, but don't go with a 200g one, go with a 100g one and see the difference! So you eat not only less calories, you regulate your stomach! The concentration of the fiber is a lot more significant than the concentration of fiber in regular foods, so it saturates a lot more! Added to any food it slows down the absorption of glucose and the increase of insulin and thus your cells get sufficient time to realize they have been "fed"! When insulin raises too quickly this time is cut significantly and you eat and you eat and then at some point you feel that you have eaten more than you needed and it feels heavy on your stomach, and naturally you have overeaten again! 

Frying in oil even when the oil is healthy, should not be done too often because our body needs from some saturated fat only, not from a lot! The saturated fat that we need per day depending on our gender and height is 10 to15g of saturated fat. If you use coconut oil you use the daily dose in one frying! So you should use ghee butter, which has 50% less saturated fat compered to coconut butter. I basically use only coconut butter in certain pastries and in our keto tortillas, but the quantities there are very little per portion.

Besides having half of your daily fiber in just 20g of breading, the almonds in it provide 1.5% of your daily Iron need, so that just a small added bonus for most people, especially women!

You can buy the Rossi's Pure Keto Breading Mix HERE and to experiment with your own mixes you can buy the oat fiber from HERE!

Try it! You will be so amazed!



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