№14: Does food matter and what does age have to do with it?

This is me in 2011, one year after giving birth, a few months, after opening my restaurant, with flaring Hashimoto, Myasthenia Gravis and Depression! The only reason why I am smiling here because it was a client's wedding! A few months before that I had suicide thoughts...

This is me after keto for 24 months, more than 6 years later. Now I am 45 and a half, and the past is in the past! And I feel like I can move mountains!

I have spoken to many people recently who over the past two years of Covid have gained weight and fell into depression. You may think that it is only the social restriction that is causing this depression, but you would be wrong! For two years most people ate and drank excessively, and believe me, I know a lot about that first hand! I was drinking quite excessively back then as well. And from time to time I find myself slipping. The only difference now is that I have a quick "fix me up", and it is the food!

Sugar strains the nervous system, it is that simple. Sugar these days is everywhere under the form of glucose, fructose, glucose syrup, starch, etc. Read the labels! Some of the products out there don't even list everything. Diabetic patients are reporting that even keto products, everywhere in Europe, do not list the correct amount of sugars either. It is true that the glycemic index in different people may be different for different foods, of course. 

While there have been many diets that have overwhelmed the world in the past 50 years, most of them rather controversial, there is one thing that nobody is arguing about, no matter what country, no matter what medical background, no matter race of color, and this is that the type of food affects epileptics and people with diabetes. Epilepsy in Hypocrites times was treated with fasting. Fasting causes the body to go into ketosis mode after it has exhausted the  stored glucose from carbs. In 1921 a couple of doctors realized that they could make the body switch to ketosis without fasting, just by significantly decreasing carbs. For many years after that epilepsy was cured by ketogenic diets. Then came the pills, and people almost forgot about it. Until the same people then realized that these pills had side effects like slowing the development of children, making them lose concentration and causing hyperactivity amongst others. 

Thanks to overweight people the ketogenic diet has returned, and many people with epilepsy are now controlling their seizures with ketogenic food. So basically, if it was not for the lucrative diet industry, there will be no such wide variety of ketogenic foods! What is worse, is that a ketogenic/low-carb lifestyle may cure most Diabetes type 2 as well, and yet it had to be VANITY that prompted the industry, not the cure itself.

While I was working on myself, I was an amateur. When I was asked to cook for people with problems, then it became a mission! I started Rossi's Pure not out of vanity, I started out of necessity. I promised myself that it has to be good for people with epilepsy and autism, otherwise it is not good enough at all! The more I worked with kids, the more that mission became my religion. Now, when I have a kid with diabetes call me and tell me that our products are not just delicious, but barely spike sugar like no other product on the market, that makes my day! This is the reason why we only use high-grade non-GMO erythritol, and no other sugar alcohols or fibers like maltitol and inulin. Erythritol is the most superior of them all. Maltitol and Inulin in many people with epilepsy cause seizures, and most doctors ban them from their patients' diets.  Allulose is one great one as well, and so is Monk Fruit, BUT the European Food Commission has been dragging its feet approving them! They are approved for use in the US and many other countries, but not in the EU...you can make your conclusions yourself!

Many people disapprove of the keto diet because in its core it is restrictive. Epileptics stay at 5-6-7-8 g of carbs per day, not the regular 20-50 for adults lets say. It is a real struggle there to stop kids from losing weight quickly, especially in the beginning. So when we are talking keto as in medical keto, it is restrictive and it has to be monitored by a doctor! What Rossi's Pure is striving to do is offer ketogenic lifestyle products that facilitate that lifestyle, but at the same time offer many options for keeping it not so medical. 

You don't have to do a strict regime to cut down on sugar and alleviate your nervous system! You can start with changing your cookies and your bread with our cookies and bread. You don't have to be fat, to want to alleviate your nervous system either! What I mean is that our products are products for everybody! They are not just for people on keto, kids with diabetes or epilepsy, or Diabetes 2. They are for all people who understand that health is affected by what we eat and there is no medication that can fix it or replace it! 

If you feel depressed or overwhelmed, start eliminating your sugar! Throw out the sugar cookies, regular bread, pasta, potatoes and rice, and bananas. There is no better pill than food to help with your symptoms! 

Legal Disclaimer: Before starting a diet or changing your lifestyle, always inform your doctors and have them monitor your progress. Do NOT stop taking medications unless your physician has approved it!  Always use your brain before jumping to something stupid and excessive! 

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