№8 Why Preservatives and Emulsifiers (like soy or sunflower lecithin) are a big problem?

I was provoked by a colleague nutritionist this week on the topic of lecithin so if a person like that thinks that it is ok cause it is in small amounts, then what could we expect from the rest of the population that does not supposedly specialize in this!? In addition to this, searching for preserving mechanisms for our new product LOWsagna reminded me that I must explain why I make no compromise with preservatives and emulsifiers. 

First, le's look at the human psychology. If you are eating a low-carb, low-calorie or sugar-free treat or even a meal, you think automatically that you can eat from it more...People who turn to these products usually 80% are with a big appetite! They usually are not satisfied with one piece of chocolate or one jar of low-calorie ocra lets say. They think: "Oh, it is low in calories so I can eat much more...oh, it's keto so I can eat more and not get fat.." So what happens then? If in the ocra jar there is lemon acid (synthetically produced by a fungus fed by carbs) or ascorbic acid (synthetic vit. C)? Now, you don't eat just ocra. You eat plenty of other jarred meals and they all with no exception have one of these preservatives! Go look at all jars in the store, you cannot avoid it! Or, can you?

Vitamin C in its natural form is a combination of 4 parts and ascorbic acid is actually not the active part in it, it is there to hold the 4 active parts together. I don't want to get into much details to complicate things but in nature Vitamin C always comes in a complex, not just ascorbic acid, which I already explained, is not even the active form of the vitamin. If you see a pill with more than 1000mg of Vitamin C it is most likely a synthetic version of sulfuric acid and corn starch. This leads to actually decreasing the normal vitamin C in your body. In addition, the copper mineral which is one of those 4 parts in the vitamin affects the adrenals, very simply put, and this is where you store the vitamin C reservoir so by adding excessive amounts of ascorbic acid you make the copper work and you exhaust your adrenals...exhausting your adrenals increases stress and directly increases insulin and hence you gain weight. This is why there are so many studies on ascorbic acid directly being linked to...rapid gain weight!

Now, on lemon acid...it is nice if it is derived from a lemon...but it is not in real life especially big productions. The lemon acid for professional use is obtain by feeding a fungus with carbs, it is similar to the wine making where you add the yeast to start the process of fermentation. Wine (alcohol) is a toxin to the liver, and the liver does not care if it is a good brand or Dom Perignon, to the liver it is 100% toxin, period. 

In nature, vitamin C and lemon acid come in a balance, and so does lecithin. When we take out only that part of the equation that makes only financial sense to us we end up with many problems. What is the solution? The solution is to not use these preservatives and pressure sterilize the jars, but it is costly because it requires more labor and it will make your pickle jar may be 40-50% more expensive... Would you pay 50% more if you knew that it was safe for you?

Now on lecithin...let's go back to what I just stressed on, human behavior. People tend to over consume things they believe are "diet". So little becomes not little no more. Manufacturers say that the responsibility lies in the consumer, but it is a lame excuse to me! If I wouldl be producing food to help people with their health, it is MY responsibility to make it healthy 100% without having to read the small font. Working with people who are addicted to sugar, myself being one of them, I understand the difficulty that comes with that condition. This is why our jars and packages are small and the chocolate candies are separated in a way that you always know how much you eat without measuring and you can feel good about buying just one jar with chocolate, not one of 200g and finish it all. It is my responsibility to make it as easy as possible, then I can call it healthy! Lecithin is binding sugar and milk to the cacao butter to make a smooth looking chocolate. If you are not using milk and sugar, why do you even need it? Chocolatiers in the French Royal Palace made the best chocolate in the world in the past and never had to use lecithin...If you are making a vegan chocolate why on earth would you use it? Just to make it shiny and more appealing? NO, you put it to make working with it easier, so you can use cheap machines and less human labor, no other reason. Why is lecithin bad for you? Because in your gut it is transformed into a heart-disease forming product that helps plaque build up. So we make a "healthy chocolate" with erythritol and add lecithin to help plaque build-up? What's the point? It is not necessary! I went through extensive pain with my chocolate machine for a whole year until it was finally adjusted to work with the viscosity of the chocolate that does not require lecithin The manufacturer and the software guy probably can't stand me anymore. But it is a small price to pay considering now we produce chocolate which has no sugar, no milk, and no lecithin. Yes, people sometimes complain about the price because they compare it to regular chocolate. Well, it is your choice really. While I can educate you and make everything in my power to prevent "overdosing" on healthy chocolate, the decision to choose lies within you only! 

Our new product LOWsagna is soon going to be on the market. With that, 14 low-carb keto nutrient balanced ready-to-eat dishes in jars are coming out as well. All of them will be sterilized by pressure cooking, not using any preservatives etc., just like all times. This process requires a few more bodies at work, but considering the recent economy, any time people would buy  they would not only be buying 100% totally healthy food, they would be giving families their dignity back! It has been a brutal year for everybody, but I think that we used the downtime the best possible way to create new things that can be used easily every day to gain your health back and your happiness! WHen you eat healthy food and you are healthy you will not require or spend as much money as usual, you will consume less so the end cost evens out, you just end up...healthy.

Health does not tolerate any compromises!



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