№4: Unconscious movements or why you can't lose weight even if you work 16 hours a day

Yes, life is unfair! You work 16 hours a day, let's say as a waitress, and you work 6 days a week, may be 7, and yet  you have extra weight! Or, you work in the restaurant kitchen and again 15-16 hours a day, lifting heavy pans and packages and yet nothing, and you have not time to rest or sit down. let alone eat! You take out your iPhone step meter and for 16 hrs it shows 10,000 steps and...barely 100 calories burned from that. And some people tell you that you can lose weight if you walk 10,000 steps a day! Not really. Not if you weren't moving at all, or if you are not at least 300 pounds to begin with.

Sex is another category that kind of falls under this category. So is the pleasant walk in the summer which could be twice or three times longer than the winter one. Naturally we stay home more during cold times and move a lot less during the winter. Even if people  eat the same during winter they tend to put a few kilos. 100 calories x 105 days of three months of winter make 10,500 calories or exactly 3 pounds /1,5kg/ of calories not burned...Summer comes and here you are again three months later without these 1.5kg.

Scientifically you have to burn 7000 calories to burn 1kg of fat /2lbs/! But at your job you only burn 100-200 and this is because our body has this thing called

Unconscious movement. That is a movement for which the body has adjusted burning as little calories as possible to sustain doing this "job".

This means that you will not lose weight by getting a second job, getting a sex lover, or cleaning the house spotless every day! If this was true all real house wives should be looking like models! But we are not.

In order for the body to be forced to burn calories more than usual, you have to make something that is more than usual! This thing needs to be a lot more intense or you have to wait much longer to see the effect.

You see, adding more fat to fat cells is easy because it requires less energy if any. BUT separating these cells require a lot more energy! Imagine this: you are gluing with super glue a label. Glue it! Quite effortless, right? Wait for 5 min. Now try to peel off the label...AHA! Simple basic biology!

See! This is what I mean! So you can add fat to fat even in your sleep but you can't remove fat simply by living your daily life, you need to raise the energy much higher! 

I want to open a bracket here...Yes you will lose in the beginning on keto weight because, first you will lose water, then you will start eating less calories naturally BUT very quickly your body will adjust and you will stop losing weight! It happens to everybody! So what do you have to do? Well, you have to add exercise! Sorry, that's life! Remember the glue story above?

So if you add 30 min of brisk walking like 10 min per km, you will burn 130 calories. That is one 200ml glass of wine! The same can be achieved with 10 min of rope jumping but if you are too heavy or have joint problems, not such a great idea! 

If you want to burn 2 glasses of wine you have to run for 30 min at least! You will need 40 min on the ski machine!

So that's the simple truth! The good news is that the more muscles you start to form, the more calories will burn and you can one day drink a whole bottle of wine by yourself... Joking of course!!! Never do that! It's too much even when you are not on keto!

So and end piece of advice if you are well in the joints jump in the morning 10 min with your rope. If you have more time find some YouTube video with a beginners course with exercises that are not too harsh. I like the YouTube channel  "Team Body Project" https://teambodyproject.com/. FB: @bodyprojectsocial . I stumbelled upon them looking for a home workout without much hassle. I like them! I prefer my personal trainer at the gym Kosta but Covid had other plans in  mind this year unfortunately.

You have to burn 200 calories per day more on top of your routine if you want to lose one kg per month not pushing yourself too hard. So 20 min jumping with your rope or beating your home boxing pear for 25 min nonstop, or running around the neighborhood for 30 min in a moderate speed, comfortable for you but not walking, or walking but for one hour nonstop at least and fast feeling your breath slightly hard to catch!

You don't believe it? Try it:) You don't have time? Come on! Everybody has 10 min or 20 min a day, just get up 10 min earlier, or better 20! May be the first day you will do 2 min, the next 3 and in two weeks you will be craving these 20 min, I promise you!




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