№18: How to start with our Keto MatriX Program (75-90kg)

I had another week of close to impossible examples from people who don't feel good eating a handful of blueberries in the afternoon, to people who eat a green salad at lunch and wonder why they are so hungry at night, to people who say it is idiotic to go to tests first because they simply cannot be bothered! 

I will repeat again: you will see no success if you can't make the one most important step for yourself to go and get your tests done! This is like declaring: "This time it is about me! Nobody else!". If you are not that keen on yourself to get this first most important task done, how can you expect yourself to succeed? This is your entrance test to the health university of your life and you don't pass it you simply will not get in! It is really that simple!

When you have faced your health, now you have the problem of your family and work...Stop crying, we all have that! You are no different! I know you want to feel "special" but you are not! Most of us ARE like you! We stumble and we fall and we dust ourselves up and we get up again! Put yourself first, and put your foot down! The dust in the house is not as important, your family can't benefit from you being sick and fat, so stop making excuses and get on with the task!

Motivation to change things is the key here! I can give you a foolproof plan to follow and yet, if you have no motivation and you are making excuses for yourself, nobody can help you, because the one person who should be the most keen on making you succeed is YOU! So, are you 98% in or 100% in? 100% in is a lot easier, 98% leaves you in the shadow of the doubt! So are you 100% committed to getting in charge of your health? If you  are not, do not bother reading further! What more, if you don't plan to get up every time you fall, don't bother reading further! This site if not for excuses! This site is for solutions!

You have to sleep! You have to drink 3L of water a day and you have to eat 4 times a day with spacing in between 4 hrs. If you can't change your life around it, don't bother, you lack motivation and as we said two lines above, no can do with no motivation!

Pills don't solve your issues, neither do ketone pills, neither does this fancy bottle of MCT-oils that you think is going to shape your waistline...You are being taking advantage of because you have a weakness to explore! Your weakness is that you believe in miracles! 

The only way to fix your waistline and your health is to eat food! Yes, to eat food, the right healthy food! It does not matter if you are fat, or with diabetes 2, it is still the same! Only food fixes the issue, and it is that simple! There is no miracle, there is only motivation and good food! Good food that keeps your insulin levels down so it keeps your fat storage down, and food that give your vitamins, minerals and energy at the same time!

When you start in the beginning of this path, eat! Eat the low-carb foods as much as you need to, until you get to the state of satiety! This moment comes, believe it or not, otherwise the keto diet will not be that popular. Do not limit yourself to a green salad for lunch, to somebody who is 90kgs this is insulin suicide! You need food that will satisfy your hunger properly! Eat your full breakfast, eat your full lunch, eat your afternoon snack, and eat your dinner! After a few days you will see that you get hungry around the same time but the quantity of food that you can eat is much less. 

How do we make sure this happens? Preparation! You need to know what you are going to eat this week! Not less, not more, this week! For all meals!

I have been coaching people for a while now, that are still not grasping the iead! You need to prep food people! You need to stuff your fridge with the right food so you can mix up something in a blink of a second!

I made it my lifetime goal to cook the foods ready to eat because it just makes it so easy! We are increasing the options every day! You just can't beat this way of eating!

I want to give you a plan!. I will base it on 1300-1350 calories because it seems that most ladies lately are gravitating around 75-90kgs, and 1300 calories can be 15-20% calorie deficit depending on the weitght! 

Breakfast: 1/2 Morning Scramble + 1 slice keto bread= 293 kcals /3 total

Lunch: Keto Mousakka 490 kcals /4.35

Snack: Energy Biscuit 127 kcals /€1.65

Dinner: Romano Green Beens and 2 slices of keto bread = 412 kcals / €3.50 

Total kcals: 1322kcals 19g net carns, 29g of fiber, fat 104g, protein 59g /€12.50

Iron 35%; Calcium 7; Vitamin C 58%, Vitamin A 220, Vitamin D 20%

Imagine all the free time you have when you have all these at your disposal! If you order food for 7 days/14 meals and snacks, we will deliver to your door for free! 

No shopping! No Cooking! No cleaning cooking pots! Use this time to go for a walk or go to the gym! It just does not get any better!



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