#17: How to start The Keto MatriX Program for weight loss and Diabetes 2 elimination

To tell you to just follow the program would be careless. The program is simple to follow. What is not simple to follow is the structure. The biggest challenges:

1. I don't eat breakfast, because I don't feel hungry! (That's why you are fat, because you eat at night, rather than in the morning, 99.9% of fat people don't eat breakfast, especially women)

2. I don't eat breakfast because I feel hungry then the whole day... (you will if you eat a donut or a croissant..)

3. It is not good to eat in the morning because the body cleanse itself then (I can't help but wonder, why does the body start to produce insulin around 8 oçlock even if  you did not give it food...)

4. I don't have time to eat 4 times a day...

5. I don't have time to drink water that much...

Let me tell you, what you are trying to do is make no effort to change but expect a different result! It does not work this way! NO, you cannot starve the whole day and then eat everything for the 4 meals at night! After the sunset the body goes into a saving mode getting ready to sleep, so it shuts down your metabolism. This is the last time of the day you want to stuff yourself with heavy food! Don't fool yourself, you can be in ketosis all the time and not lose weight becuase you eat everything at night and so you burn half the calories then if you ate throut the day. It is really very simple.

Put yourself first in your day! Don't tell me you have kids and spouses and a job, and mother and father, we all do! If you don't change these three things you will not lose weight and you will not heal your insulin resistance and the worst, you will not build a habit that will last, and you will just get the yo yo effect!

If today the doctor told you that you got cancer and doing these three things will make the cancer go away would you think twice? No, you won't! So any excuse you try to give here for not doing these three things is a lame excuse!

People with diabetes type 2 should be careful and talk to their doctor. The doctor has to montitor the medication and slowly lower the dose in time. If you feel great the third week of the program, do NOT, i repeat DO NOT throw out your medication, it takes longer for the body to adjust. Insulin resistance does not disappear in three weeks, it disappers on avarage after 12 months and it does come back if you don't follow a low-sugar and anti-stress life. By stress I mean more than the everyday normal stress of life having teanage kids and grumpy mother-in-laws. 

Start the program only after you have re-arranged your life so that you are the priority to yourself! 

One other important thing is to get tested. Get a full blood and urine picture of your health including Vitamin D, B, glucose and insulin, no need to drink glucose and waste 3 hours for results. Test your thyroid hormones and anty-bodies, your tostesterone, prolactin, progesteron, all of it, liver function and enzimes, kidneys. Usually they all come in a package in the labs. Without knowing your start point you will either get frustrated and quit disappointed or hurt yourself!

Only in the past week I had a client who started the keto diet only to find out that she has dangerously high levels of ferritin in the blood, very low Vitamin D and B12 and terrible cholesterol level. Luckily the liver is good so she will be ok, but she needs to monitor what kind of keto she will be doing!

Another client came with high uric acid and bad liver numbers, A+ blood type, eating meat all the time...it was a matter of time to end up with a gout disease problem. I can write a book about the stupid approaches people take just to lose a few inches and then to gain them back! While the Keto MatriX Program was created to be balanced, there could be certain instances where you have to modify. And we will be happy to help you with the process, it is free! All you have to do is contact us!

Put yourself first! Up your nose, put your lipstick and look up!



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