№13 Why Insulin Resistance is the "silent"killer and should be monitored by everybody (an article NOT just for people with diabetis)

Dear Friends,

Most of you know that our food is made with the keto diet in mind for epilepsy, but it is also made suitable for people with diabetes!

Today is Janury 11th 2022 and it is a special day for poeple with diabetes. On this day exactly 100 years ago, a 14-year old boy named Leonard Thompson got the first ever insuling shot. He was suffering from diabetes type 1 and without it he would have been sentenced to death. After he got the shot his glucose levels went down amost immediately, but the place where the injection entered teh skin got infected, and his ketones (not to be confused iwth keto diet ketones) were still high. Scientists workd around the clock to fix the insulin injection and on January 23rd, 1922, Leonard was given a second shot, this time with no problem and obvious side effects. 100 years later the deseace is still here but the poeple are living a life despite it thanks to insulin injections!

Today more than ever, this deseace is relevant, because we are in danger of developing diabetes without even knowing it! While diabetes is no longer a death sentance, many poeple still die from it. 11% on average in the world from all deaths are due to deiabetes, and while we are still pretty powerless toward preventing type 1 diabetes, we are absolutely equipped to prevent typ 2 diabetes!

The difference between the two types is that one is caused by a virus or stress and causes an autoimmune problem where the pancreas stops producing insulin. In type two the pancreas still produces insulin, although sometimes not enough, but the cells have stopped responding properly to it, in other words the person has gotten Insuling Resistance (IR). 

it is very wrong to assume that diabetes type two can only be aquired due to a poor diet! There are several factors actually that can cause it:

1. Poor nutrition: too many refined carbohydrates and fast food, like cakes, pizza, pasta, soft drinks etc. When youoverdose on "comfort" food, your body gets discomfort! This type of food constantly hold insulin higher and the cells get tired of responding to it. There "response"is like a musle that eventually gets tired. The good news is, that this is a reversable damage most of the time!

2. Stress: stress bigger than the normal one in your everyday life can cause hormones to spike and produce different hormones which tire the insulin receptors and they become "numb".

3. Lack of Sleep: only during sleeping, deep sleeping that is, certain hormones are produced that your body needs and one of them is cruicial to losing weight! The longer you go without sleeping, the more your glucose levels go up, insuling goes down, stress hormone cortisol goes us, and the IR which is fasting glucose x fastin insulin / 22.5 = IR, goes up! 

4. The most modern of them all: Covid! Covid may unlock a pre-diabetic condition in poeple with predesposed genes and borberline glucose. Covid is both stress and virus for the body, so it can cause considerable damage! Close to 35% of the new clients recently  have come looking for low-carb alternative options due to being struck by diabetes type 2 after having had Covid. Many of them come with terrible liver test result, bad cholesterol, adn high TAT thyroid test results, as well, as high IR. While the others can be fixed usually within 6-9 months, the IR takes much longer and is more stubborn.

High insulin resistance may cause in women cystic ovaries, infertility and painful problematic monthly periods. The good news again is that most of these can be prevented and cured should one decide to fight, with the help of course most of the time of modern medicine in addition to food and exercise!

It is true that Covid strikes healthy individuals as well, but the statistics is so miniscule compared to the unhealthy ones that it is apparent! If we have to compare if heatlh or regular vaccines have higher success ratio of preventing  Covid complications, then health is the clear winner! 

In conclusion, remember, diabetes 2 comes slowly, usually starts with low IR and advances, and before you know it, you are there! I was talking to a former colleague to take care of herslef better and change her diet, but she said that drugs are helping her just right, and a few days ago she lost her leg...she is only 65 years old, and is expecting her first grand-child!

Please test your IR at least once a year! If you have family history of diabetes or cancer, do it at least two times a year! Please read my next article №14 to see what you can do about prevention and cure, and what our products have to do with it!

Love, Rossi


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