№11: Fructose and the diabetic body

I will go straight to the point about that "good looking" fructose with such a viscous character! Fructose is the sweetener in diabetic foods worldwide. After aspartame got its bad name, fructose became the sweetener of choice. Fructose does not promote the secretion of insulin, and for that it was chosen to be the one! Besides all its other qualities like being naturally occurring in fruits, being cheap to obtain and a few other. BUT, the big BUT, there is one thing that the manufacturing industry has been eagerly avoiding to mention. The fact that fructose is not like glucose absorbed in the blood stream (hence no insulin spike) BUT it is DIRECTLY metabolized in the liver, fatty tissues etc. So it increases your fatty tissue...It is transported by a transporter different than the ones that transport the insulin-spiking sweeteners. And this transporter called GLUT5 takes it to the liver (and a few more places) directly increasing the triglycerides in one simple example. And this is how you get a non-alcoholic "fatty" liver without even smelling a glass of wine! You wonder why a lot of people with Diabetes 2 are overweight and have health problems? This is one big reason why! Erythritol does not have this issue! Erythritol cannot be metabolized by the body and this is the reason why it does not spike insulin AND it does not need metabolic transporters! Yes, if you eat too much of it at once like 30-40grams, you may feel discomfort, even nausea from having too much "sand" in your stomach, but it goes away. I did try one day to drink my keto lemonade...a whole liter of it with a few more grams than 30 in it...i paid the consequences, all right! 

So next time when you decide to compare pricing between the cheap jams in the diabetic shop in the big chain next door, remember, first they are most made with fructose or aspartame, and if there is 5% of fruits inside you are lucky! Usually it is fructose, starch, glycose syrup, some colorants and preservatives... Our jam at Rossi's Pure is pure berries and erythritol preserved by HHP (high hydraulic pressure). We don't even put water in the jam! And it is only 42-45 calories per 100g! And now our new big 500g size jar is only 11 euros with clear consciousness!

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